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How to Build Your Resume

Career Services is available to all students from all majors, at any time during their WVU Tech experience. Early visits to Career Services can help you maximize your time at WVU Tech.

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Get involved on campus

Potential employers and graduate programs look favorable on involvement in college outside of the classroom. Participate in the SGA, serve as an Orientation Leader or Resident Assistant. Become a tutor. Assist faculty with research and projects. Participate in community service. Bottom line? Get Involved!

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Build a career Network

Good networking skills are critical to finding job. Access the networking opportunities offered through WVU Tech. These include attending company information sessions offered on campus, career fairs and other events sponsored by their academic program or Career Services.

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Engage in meaningful work experiences

Internships, co-ops and summer jobs help build relevant work experience can be critical to finding employment in today’s job market.



Build leadership, teamwork and other important life skills that will assist you in developing career direction and citizenship. We can put you in contact with nonprofit organizations who may need help and come out to the many opportunities for community service offered through Service and Learning

Resume Resources and Samples

Resume Basics
Action Verbs for Resumes and Professional Profiles

Sample Cover Letter (PDF) (WORD)

Accounting (PDF) (WORD)
Adventure Recreation Management (PDF) (WORD)
Biology (PDF) (WORD)
Chemical Engineering (PDF) (WORD)
Criminal Justice (PDF) (WORD)
Electrical Engineering (PDF) (WORD)
History and Government (PDF) (WORD)
Mechanical Engineering (PDF) (WORD)
Nursing (PDF) (WORD)

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