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Build Your Resume

Enhance Your Resume

As a college student, you may aspire to showcase more relevant experiences on your resume to impress potential employers, but be lacking those experiences. Fear not! We've got you covered with valuable tips on bolstering your resume through meaningful experiences, forging connections, and engaging in impactful volunteerism. You can craft a compelling resume that captures the attention of future employers and sets you apart from the competition. Let's take your resume to the next level together!

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Get involved on campus

Potential employers and graduate programs highly value college involvement beyond the classroom. You can make a lasting impact by engaging in activities such as joining the SGA, taking up leadership roles as an Orientation Leader or Resident Assistant, becoming a tutor, contributing to faculty research and projects, and participating in community service.

The bottom line? Embrace the transformative power of involvement and open doors to a world of opportunities! Get Involved and pave the way for a promising future!
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Build a career network

Networking skills play a pivotal role in securing your dream job. At WVU Tech, you gain access to a wealth of invaluable networking opportunities. Make the most of these by attending enlightening company information sessions on campus, engaging with employers at career fairs, and participating in thoughtfully curated events sponsored by academic programs and Career & Professional Development. Embrace the power of networking today!

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Establish work experiences

In today's competitive job market, internships, co-ops, and summer jobs play an indispensable role in cultivating the relevant work experience needed to secure meaningful employment. These hands-on opportunities are the stepping stones that lead you towards a successful and fulfilling career.

A group of students volunteering at a community clean-up project wearing gold shirts that say "golden bears give back"

Golden Bears Give Back

Discover the power of volunteering as you build essential life skills, including leadership, teamwork, and a strong sense of citizenship, all of which are vital for shaping your career direction. Career & Professional Development is your gateway to connecting with nonprofit organizations seeking assistance, or you can explore the diverse array of community service opportunities available through Service and Outreach. Give back and watch how it shapes you into a well-rounded individual ready to take on the world!

Resources and Samples

Crafting a Winning Resume

While every company adheres to specific criteria, such as GPA minimums and software proficiency, recruiters also look for nuances that set candidates apart in terms of formatting, experience depth, and the impact of the summary. These subjective elements are vital in making a memorable impression. Moreover, preferences can differ significantly from one industry to another. So, be diligent in adapting your resume to align perfectly with your desired field, ensuring you stand out amongst the competition and capture the attention of recruiters. Utilize the resources below to get the jumpstart on standing out in the field!

Resume Resources  

Cover Letter Resources

Cover Letter Template Explained
Sample Cover Letter PDF   Word

Resume & Additional Templates


Student Athlete Word
Freshman Resume  Word
Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template Word


FBI Template  Word
Federal Resume  Word


Undergraduate Military Resume  Word
Engineering Project-Based Military Resume Word

Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Sample Resume Format 1  Word
Sample Resume Format 2  Word
Sample Resume Format 3  Word

LCN College of Engineering & Sciences

Internship-based Resume Word
Project-based Resume Word


Sample Resume Format Word

Tips for Writing Better Bullets

In a world where recruiters spend a mere 10 seconds or less on each resume, captivating their attention is paramount. They seek concrete evidence of your contributions to previous employers, specific improvements you made, and quantifiable achievements.To maximize your chances of making it through the screening process, follow these invaluable tips for crafting more compelling job summaries:

  1. Replace generic tasks with concrete accomplishments:

    • Instead of: "Managed social media accounts"
    • Opt for: "Created and managed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the company, resulting in a five percent increase in revenue over three months"
  2. Be precise and detailed:

    • Instead of: "Helped manage children at a summer camp"
    • Emphasize: "Managed over 250 children, ages five to fourteen, at a week-long day camp."
  3. Provide specific examples:

    • Instead of: "Communicated with clients and worked to achieve their needs"
    • Highlight: "Communicated levels and grades of drainage structures, leading to "excellent" customer satisfaction ratings."
  4. Objectively showcase your skills:

    • Instead of: "Experienced verbal communicator"
    • Present it as: "Delivered ten Ignite-style presentations to audiences ranging from 10-100 individuals on the topics of ethics in the workplace."

By implementing these strategies and presenting your accomplishments in a clear, data-driven manner, your resume will stand out as a compelling testament to your potential value as a candidate, leaving a positive and lasting impression on recruiters.