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Applying to Graduate School

Career Services can assist you with the application and interview process for graduate or professional school.

To prepare for graduate school, Career Services can assist students with: 

– Developing a curriculum vita (CV) or resume 

– Interviewing preparation 

– Review of personal statement 

Questions to ask yourself before applying: 

– Do your career goals require an advanced degree for entry into the profession? 

– Can you describe your personal and professional reasons for going to graduate school? 

– Does your undergraduate record reflect your ability to do graduate level work? 

– Are you willing to undertake the financial obligations that will result from continuing your education? 

– Are you ready for one to five more years of course work at a much more intense level than your undergraduate experience? 

Give yourself the competitive edge: 
The admissions process to graduate or professional school can be competitive. Key areas to focus on while at WVU Tech include: 

– Maintain a good GPA 

– Engage in undergraduate research 

– Participate in experiential learning such as internships, co-ops or study abroad experiences 

– Be active on campus through clubs, organizations and community involvement 

– Join professional organizations 

– Develop good relationships with faculty and other university personnel that can provide you with strong letters of recommendation 

Application Process
Plan early! Applying to graduate school is a multi-stage process that takes a great deal of time and planning. To increase your likelihood of being accepted, you need to start at least a year in advance to identify program specific deadlines, complete admittance exams and compile your application packet.

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