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A professor showing two students how to utilize surveying equipment in fall in West Virginia.

Finding the ideal internship, co-op, or your first professional job after college demands dedication and perseverance. Allow Career & Professional Development to support you comprehensively throughout this process. 

Step One:
Take the first step by ensuring your profile on Handshake, WVU Tech's esteemed Career & Professional Development Management System, is up-to-date. There, you can access a plethora of opportunities, peruse job listings and internships, explore potential employers, register for on-campus interviews, and stay informed about career fairs and events. With our expert guidance and the resources at your disposal, you can navigate this critical phase with confidence and professionalism.

Student Login

Students should use their MyID/MIX username and password to access Handshake. 

Step Two:

Participate in a myriad of enriching Career Events, both on and off-campus, including our esteemed Job Expos and engaging Professional Development Dinners. These events present invaluable opportunities to expand your network, gain exposure to potential employers, and refine your professional skills, setting you on a trajectory towards success in your chosen field.

Step Three:

Make the most of your journey towards success by visiting Career Development early and frequently. Our dedicated team is here to support you in achieving your future aspirations, regardless of your goals. Seize this invaluable resource without delay and unlock the door to endless possibilities. Your proactive approach will undoubtedly pave the way for a promising future. Schedule an appointment on Handshake, or email for assistance.