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International Students

Career Services strongly encourages international students to become knowledgeable about the immigration laws and regulations that impact your employment eligibility when seeking employment in the United States. Your employment eligibility is based on your visa.

Guidelines for CPT/OPT

Information international students need to know about CPT:

  1. You begin by securing an internship or co-op. As in covered in the guidelines for CPT/OPT above, the internship or co-op must be related to your program of study. 
  2. After securing the position and receiving your offer letter, complete the CPT Application Form and Co-op/Internships Application Form
    1. Note: The offer letter must include your supervisor's name and contact information, state and end dates for the position, and salary information.
  3. Once you've completed the forms, email both forms and a copy of your offer letter to 
  4. Once received, the office of Career Services will review the application materials and approve the CPT position. 
  5. After approval, Career Services will complete the registration form for the appropriate course for the term through the registrar and notify the student that their application has been approved.
    1. Note: Career Services will also work with the International Admissions for required updates.
  6. Three to four weeks prior to the end of the semester, an evaluation form will be sent to the supervisor that was listed to be completed and sent back to the office of Career Services.
  7. After completing your experience, meet with Career Services to update your resume!

 Co-Op/Internship Application Form

CPT Application Form

How to Print & View unofficial transcripts

Current students may view their unofficial transcripts within STAR after logging into the WVU Portal. 

Click on Student Services and Housing, then Student Records, and then Academic Transcript. Please note this unofficial transcript is not available while grades are being processed. Once grades are available, the link will become visible again